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Display Advertising

Search engines aren’t the only place dealers can attract visitors to their websites. With a targeted remarketing campaign, you can place banner advertisements on Fox News, CNN, YouTube and other popular websites to attract new (and bring returning) visitors back to your website. Display advertising is a cost effective way to increase both traffic to your site and brand exposure.

With display advertising, you’ll get:

  • Advanced Targeting: No wasted impressions on users that are not in-market
  • Raise Brand Awareness: Utilize an additional channel to communicate with potential customers
  • Accountability: Measure data performance to better understand your customers

User Based Targeting

Remarketing: Target your ads at your website visitors. Your visitors will see your ads 15-18 times per month.
Interest: You can bid on certain user groups based on their interests, such as “car enthusiasts.”
Demographic: Choose and target users by their age, gender, household income, and ethnicity to reach specific consumers with tailored messages.

Placement Based Targeting

Topic: Google classifies its inventory into certain topics. Bid on themed groups of websites simultaneously.
Placement: Bid on advertising space on specific website domains.
Contextual: More specific and customizable than topic targeting, but not as specific as placement targeting, you can bid on placements that are relevant to certain keywords.