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Automotive SEO Strategies by PCG

When you’re looking to find a company or research a new service, what’s the first thing you do? You turn to Google for more information! If at least 83% of car shoppers do online research before buying a car, how are you making sure that potential customers are finding your dealership?

This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help. PCG has proven Automotive SEO strategies that have helped hundreds of car dealers drive more free traffic to their websites. We also work outside the automotive industry for business owners who demand the most competitive online marketing solutions.

Why Automotive SEO and not just SEO?
The term “Automotive SEO” should not be misunderstood; it’s SEO for the auto industry. There content publishing strategies that are used for all industries apply to auto dealers as well. However, there are some specific strategies and keyword research that is unique to the automotive industry. So, when we use the term “Automotive SEO” just understand that we will utilize the best-in-class earned media strategies for your auto dealership.

Our customized earned media strategies combine content, link building, engagement, and analytics to get results. Our monthly progress and reports are presented online in an interactive dashboard. You can inspect the progress of our earned media strategies at any time you like!

SEO Reporting Enhanced by Conductor
When Google prevented access to key metrics in Analytics, digital marketers were challenged with vague reporting and misguided SEO strategies.

PCG turned to a game-changing SEO tool, called Conductor, and now offers the most advanced reporting in the automotive industry. We integrated the advanced reporting from Conductor into our ROI-BOT data dashboard. The combination of these two tools gives our clients an unprecedented advantage.

PCG reports on important metrics, including:

  • Rankings of Search Engine Result Pages
  • Ιn-market shoppers
  • Competitor market share analysis in search results
  • Proactive keyword discovery from paid search metrics
  • Areas of opportunity in optimization on your website
  • This next-level reporting is available as part of PCG’s Automotive SEO services.

Build Earned Media Traffic With Original Content
PCG Digital Marketing has always been at the forefront of the newest SEO strategies. When our SEO experts are driving your digital marketing strategy, you can rest assured important processes such as meta data edits, linking strategies, content creation and other website enhancements are continuously updated. This way, you can focus more on the customers who come into your store instead of worrying about getting them there.