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Automotive SEO Strategies by PCG

When you’re looking to find a company or research a new service, what’s the first thing you do? You turn to Google for more information! If at least 83% of car shoppers do online research before buying a car, how are you making sure that potential customers are finding your dealership?

This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help. PCG has proven Automotive SEO strategies that have helped hundreds of car dealers drive more free traffic to their websites. We also work outside the automotive industry for business owners who demand the most competitive online marketing solutions.

Why Automotive SEO and not just SEO?
The term “Automotive SEO” should not be misunderstood; it’s SEO for the auto industry. There content publishing strategies that are used for all industries apply to auto dealers as well. However, there are some specific strategies and keyword research that is unique to the automotive industry. So, when we use the term “Automotive SEO” just understand that we will utilize the best-in-class earned media strategies for your auto dealership.

Our customized earned media strategies combine content, link building, engagement, and analytics to get results. Our monthly progress and reports are presented online in an interactive dashboard. You can inspect the progress of our earned media strategies at any time you like!

SEO Reporting Enhanced by Conductor
When Google prevented access to key metrics in Analytics, digital marketers were challenged with vague reporting and misguided SEO strategies.

PCG turned to a game-changing SEO tool, called Conductor, and now offers the most advanced reporting in the automotive industry. We integrated the advanced reporting from Conductor into our ROI-BOT data dashboard. The combination of these two tools gives our clients an unprecedented advantage.

PCG reports on important metrics, including:

  • Rankings of Search Engine Result Pages
  • Ιn-market shoppers
  • Competitor market share analysis in search results
  • Proactive keyword discovery from paid search metrics
  • Areas of opportunity in optimization on your website
  • This next-level reporting is available as part of PCG’s Automotive SEO services.

Build Earned Media Traffic With Original Content
PCG Digital Marketing has always been at the forefront of the newest SEO strategies. When our SEO experts are driving your digital marketing strategy, you can rest assured important processes such as meta data edits, linking strategies, content creation and other website enhancements are continuously updated. This way, you can focus more on the customers who come into your store instead of worrying about getting them there.

Organize Your Automotive Content Designed For SEO

It is extremely important you understand that if you can’t track the ROI of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and automotive content writing investments, your manager(s) will likely pull the money from the budget for these services.

It is equally important to face the reality that you will likely change or upgrade website technology in the next few years so you must protect your original automotive content investments. The only way to easily track the ROI of your earned media strategies is to organize where the content is published on your website.

I am suggesting that you create a small number of directories on your website that will contain your customized web pages that have been created for marketing campaigns and SEO strategies. If all the content is properly organized, when you change or upgrade website technology, it will be very easy to move the custom pages to the next platform.

You can advise the website provider to transfer over all pages in your sub-directory folders. You will able to inspect the cutover because you can simply count the number of pages in the old sub-directory and compare it to the number of pages in the new sub-directory.

Here are some suggestions for the content directory structure:

Most every professional Content Management System (CMS) on the market will allow you to create a customized directory structure for your content. Consult with your website provider on a structure that does not conflict with their existing site design.

Organization Helps Track ROI

The second reason for creating content directories is so that you can create Google Analytics goals to trigger when a consumer visits a page in your custom content directories. Wouldn’t it be nice to create a report that shows how many visitors, SRPs, VDPs, and leads were triggered through your SEO and content efforts?

The reason for needing these directory structures may not be obvious right now, but when you think about tracking dozens of custom website pages, randomly created and published on your website, it is nearly impossible to create a goal that traps activity on these pages.

However, if all the service pages were placed in a directory called /content/service, then you could trigger a simple goal that incremented when any page in that directory was viewed by a consumer. Do you see the simplicity in this recommendation?

Here is an example of how you would set a goal to increment any time a consumer viewed a custom service page, in the directory structure I recommended:

With all your custom content in an organized directory structure, you can also create Google Segments to plot the number of custom content pages viewed each day by consumers. You will be able to document if your custom content investments are generating more incremental traffic over time.

Using both goals and segments, you will be able to show the quality of traffic that is being generated by your custom content strategies. If you wanted to go one step further, you could add dynamic phone numbers to your pages in this directory to track the phone calls that were generated, in addition to lead forms.


If you are investing in custom content you better have a more accurate way of measuring the ROI of that investment and protecting your content when you switch website providers.

I hope you found this article helpful, and if you did, please share this article on your social media channels and with the members of your 20 group. A full discussion on customizing Google Analytics for automotive dealer websites can be found in my book “Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing.”

Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting

Automotive SEO Success With Conductor

It’s been a while since I posted a blog on this website and that’s because I have been completing my new book entitled “Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing – Volume One,” which will be published in July and available on I have also been writing for the PCG Consulting website on a regular basis, but it’s time to get back to talking about SEO strategies for car dealers.

I am very excited about the results that we have been getting from using Conductor SEO software for the hundreds of dealers that we advise each month. Conductor is now also integrated with ROI-BOT dashboard so that dealers can see the SEO progress alongside of their other marketing investments.

Conductor’s tools allows our SEO content team to design a competitive SEO strategy to increase organic exposure for popular shopping keywords. Conductor also allows our team to monitor the competitive rankings against local dealers. Lastly, Conductor allows us to reverse engineer the keywords that your competitors are using in the Google Adwords campaigns.

Never again will a local competitor sneak up and overtake your dealership for important keywords.

The success of any SEO strategy will never be determined by a “tool” even though Conductor gives us a competitive edge. Success comes from careful attention to client needs, original content, and excellent strategy.

That is what PCG delivers for their clients and if you would like to learn more about our SEO packages, contact Mike Lizza at 732.450.8200.