Toyota Recall Letters Hitting Mail

Toyota has told its dealers on recent training phone calls that they will be starting to drop in the mail their first batch of consumer recall letters during the week of January 18th.

The letters will be send out in batches at staged intervals to help dealers with the staggering number of calls that will be coming into their switchboards.

According to dealers we spoke with, Toyota will start by sending recall letters to Toyota Camry owners next week and inform them of the recall repair process.

Toyota dealers have been allocated 2 hours of service time to fix the accelerator pedal problem involved in the massive recall according to their training phone call this past week.  It is unclear if the repair process will take a full 2 hours once the technicians are used to the factory outlined procedure.    Parts for the recall are in the process of being shipped to car dealers.

According to local dealers, once the parts arrive in the coming week, they will be able to start scheduling service appointments.

USA Today interviewed Yoshimi Inaba, president of Toyota Motors North America, in an article today which he said:

“Toyota has learned a lot and learned its lessons” from the recent safety trouble, which is resulting in its largest recall ever of about four million vehicles, Inaba told reporters this week at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. “We have widened our antenna so we can react more quickly.”

It is very clear that Toyota is taking this recall seriously.

Accelerator Recall Repair Time: 2 hours

The two hours allocated for fixing the millions of cars affected by the recall will mean that consumers will have a choice to wait for the repairs to be completed.  Local dealers will be trying to accommodate local consumers with shuttle van service, loaner cars and extended service hours.

One dealer we spoke to said that loaner cars for the accelerator recall will not be as plentiful because of the high volume of cars and appointments that will be scheduled.  Consumers are encouraged to ask their local dealer on their loaner car policy in advance before assuming that a loaner will be available.

Many Toyota dealers will be partnering with shuttle services to allow local customers to drop off their call and taken back home or to the office while the repairs are being completed.

Schedule Your Recall Appointment Today

Did you receive your recall notice in the mail? If you didn’t, don’t worry.  Just confirm that your car is a model that has been part of the recall.  The list of qualifying cars can be found here:  Toyota Recall List.

You can also visit , a leading consumer website designed to help consumers affected by the 4 million car recall.

The website has a form which will connect consumers with a local Toyota dealer that can confirm if your car is involved in the recall as well as to schedule a recall service appointment.


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