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Milpitas Toyota Dealer

Piercey Toyota is a Toyota dealer serving San Jose located at the address listed below:

Piercey Toyota
950 Thompson S.
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 240-1400

Our website gives consumers access to our large collection of new and Certified Pre-Owned Toyota cars near San Jose CA. You will also find many other useful sections on our website to research and explore, including extended warranty plans, parts and service deals.

Serving San Jose California

Piercey Toyota is located in Milpitas CA and is conveniently located near San Jose, Fremont and Sunnyvale. Use our website to research popular models such as the Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Sienna.

Piercey Toyota has a terrific selection of both new and used Toyota cars for sale. Feel free to search through our inventory online. You’ll be pleased with the impressive deals on all our cars from the top Toyota dealership serving San Jose.

At Piercey Toyota you can also order Toyota parts for your car online, set up an appointment through our website for service, print coupons and look-up our current promotions.

Sales Hours:

(408) 240-1400

Monday: 09:00am-09:00pm
Tuesday: 09:00am-09:00pm
Wednesday: 09:00am-09:00pm
Thursday: 09:00am-09:00pm
Friday: 09:00am-09:00pm
Saturday: 09:00am-09:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am-08:00pm

Service Hours:

(408) 240-1500

Monday: 07:00am-07:00pm
Tuesday: 07:00am-07:00pm
Wednesday: 07:00am-07:00pm
Thursday: 07:00am-07:00pm
Friday: 07:00am-07:00pm
Saturday: 08:00am-06:00pm
Sunday: 09:00am-05:30pm