PCG Digital Marketing ranked by topseos as a Leading Search Engine Optimization Firm for March 2013

PCG Digital Marketing has recently been awarded the 91st spot on the March 2013 list of the top search engine optimization firms. The monthly rankings list, published by industry leaders topseos, is a guide to the best of the best Internet marketing vendors around the country.

During every evaluation, PCG Digital Marketing’s clients are asked to give feedback on general and project specific questions. Clients are asked about their overall experience,  the type of needs analysis conducted before work initiated and the most competitive keywords they’ve now been able to rank and how long it took to achieve this.topseos

Additional questions include “Did the agency modify the way they achieved higher rankings for you based on the Universal Search model introduced by Google?” and “How comprehensive, specific, and useful are the reports that are offered to you?”

topseos Honors PCG Digital Marketing

“The whole industry looks to us to identify reliable and accurate benchmarks and PCG Digital Marketing has proven by its performance that they deserve to be on this coveted list”, shared Jeev Trika, partner at topseos.

PCG Digital Marketing is included in this list for its superior performance and the unbeatable services provided to its clients. topseos compiles a list of leading internet marketing firms every month after a rigorous evaluation of criteria. Companies are evaluated based on their competitive advantage, superior services and pricing, customer and technical support, response to client problems, innovations that set it apart from the competition, overall efficiency and overall performance.

“It is a great honor for PCG Digital Marketing to be presented with such an acknowledgement. We hold topseos in high regard and being part of this ranking is an indication of our hard work and efforts,” said Matthew O’Such, Chief SEO Strategist.

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About PCG Digital Marketing:
PCG Digital Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency that serves growing businesses in all industry sectors.  PCG is a leader in automotive marketing education and is nationally recognized as a leader in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as well as an award winning Internet training firm. Most recently, they were named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies list ranking #77 nationwide in advertising and marketing and #59 in New York.

PCG Digital Marketing
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About topseos:
Since its introduction in 2002, topseos has been identified as an independent authority on vendors who supply internet marketing products and services ranging from the best search engine optimization companies to the best pay per click management tools. In addition, topseos connects thousands of businesses each year that are looking for internet marketing services with those who provide it.

With dedicated online presence in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, topseos continues to make a global impact in the internet marketing arena.

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Tweet and Conquer

By Brittany Richter

We’ve been hearing an awful lot of buzz around conquest strategies within the automotive digital marketing industry lately. And it’s no wonder, considering Google’s ThinkAuto research reported that only 20% of purchasers started their research with the brand they ended up buying. Paid search, display advertising, blog content, video walk arounds, but what about social media?

To help use your blog and video conquest content to its full potential, share it on Twitter- using hashtags. Yes, I hashtagssaid hashtags – known by some as that scary seven-letter h-word.

Twitter is a news source, an information hub, a knowledge-sharing platform. It is a social platform that has the ability to help you generate qualified website traffic and target people in your market looking for your products and services. You can use your blog and YouTube links and share them to get them in front of shoppers in your PMA who are looking for your brand AND your brands’ competitors. Yes, people do research on Twitter.

When deciding on a car, it is likely that people are doing research on Twitter to find information about what they’re looking for and to see what people have to say about it. So being there to share positive thoughts and helpful information about your brands, models and dealership is essential.

In 2011 it was reported that 3,000 tweets were tweeted per second. There’s a lot of noise on Twitter, so you need something in your tweets that will help you stand out, and stand out to those who you want to pay attention (hint: potential customers). This is where hashtags come in. They help you classify your tweets, tag them, if you will. The concept is similar to SEO in that you want to use keywords that people are using. Rather than using what users are typing in to search engines, use keywords that people are using on Twitter. When it comes to conquest, the brands, models, and your location or nearby metros are your keywords.

Here’s How To Make It Happen:

  • Create a strategy: Use Twitter’s advanced search to search within a reasonable radius from your location to see what people are saying about your brand(s), model(s) and your competitors. Pick a few that are generating buzz. Add your location or nearby metros. This is your “hashtag strategy.”
  • Create conquest content about these makes and models on your blog, videos on YouTube, all of the above. For example, write blog posts or film short videos comparing your latest models to their other-brand counterparts. Compare latest features, MPG and price points. This is your conquest content.
  • Share this content on Twitter with a link back to your website, or a link to your YouTube channel (make sure your video descriptions are optimized and start with a link back to your website).
  • Include a hashtag or two in your tweet to help draw attention to your account and your content.

Twitter is an information hub, and for some of its 140 million members, it is a primary source during their ZMOT research. Take advantage of people who are researching their purchase by targeting not just your own brands, but similar competitor brands.

If your audience is on Twitter, show them that you’re there too by using hashtags for them to find you.

SEO Warning For Dealers With Group Portal Sites

I received a call yesterday from a Dealer that was negatively impacted by the Google Penguin update.  Their organic search traffic is down about 25% and they asked me to take a look at their Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

The frustrating part is that their marketing and “SEO Company” deleted the message inside of Webmaster Tools alerting the dealer that Google had some concerns about the linking strategy used by the dealership.  So without a specific message to go on, I looked at the links that were built.

What I noticed was that this “SEO Company” had submitted their site to a number of sketchy directory (link building) websites that would be classified as link farms.

If you need an example of what these sites look like, check out: 

From the screen shot on the right you can see that this is a very attractive and professional site.  NOT.

Well in any case, their website URL on this site alone had 1,197 links pointing back to their home page.

As I went through their linking list, it was clear that someone used an automated tool to submit their URL to these bullshit sites, whose only goal was to product high volume, low relevancy links.   I advised this dealer to get their website removed from these poor quality and suspect sites.

What About Group Portal Sites

As I was going about the review, I noticed something that I never really thought about but in the “Post Penguin”  era, everything has to be looked at with a different eye.  What I noticed was that their group portal site had created 76,846 links to the home page of their Nissan website.

A group portal site is one where a number of stores are combined into one site that shares inventory and information for all stores in the group.

How did these 76,846 links get created?  The group site had links on Vehicle Detail Pages that pointed to the store’s website that had the car in stock.  There were also a number of forms on the group site that linked to the dealer’s site on words like “Driving Directions & Maps”.  Neither of these links are adding any SEO value to the individual store’s website.

So, I started to think would Google find these high volume links as suspicious? So here is my recommendation.  If you have a group site that utilizes sidebar links on VDP pages, credit forms, or information pages back to a store website, contact your website provider and ask them to make them “No follow” links.    This is not an overnight change, but it is one that all website providers who have created group sites should consider.

Portal Sites Are Not Bad

Are thousands of links from the group portal website the cause of the problem?  No.  I think the shady SEO link farms were the issue here otherwise many more dealer groups would be screaming.

However, with Google seriously looking at link quality, there is no reason to make (Non SEO) user navigation links from portal site pages “follow” links. This is a very easy change if the website development community agrees with me and updates their master templates on Group Sites to use the “no follow” tag on templated pages.

To make a link “no follow” this line of code is added to the link on the HTML coding of the page:  rel=”nofollow”

Do you have any specific questions, feel free to drop me a line:  If you enjoyed this post please share it on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

And don’t forget that the latest updates on Google SEO strategies will be presented by industry leaders at, September 5-8th at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas.


Brian Pasch CEO of PCG

Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Digital Marketing


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