Using Events to Drive Traffic Online and Offline

By Mike Forgie

Vintage automobiles have a unique aesthetic appeal and strong following. Go ahead and Google “vintage car shows” in your area. You will surely get results that cater completely to these blasts from the past. Now how does this help dealerships drive traffic to their websites?

Vintage cars are either rebuilt or their owners have kept them in pristine condition. If they are rebuilt, we get to see interesting body colors and graphics that direct a great deal of attention. If they are originals, well then we have a rare gem that car enthusiasts would love to check out.

These niche markets are actively looking for vintage vehicles, so give them what they want!

Vintage Cars in Action

PCG Digital Marketing is located in Eatontown, NJ, right by the beach. On October 20th, The Race Of Gentlemen took to Allenhurst’s sandy shore for a full day of vintage cars from pre-World War II. These cars were showcased on the street along Allenhurt’s boardwalk, and drag raced for a 1/8th mile stretch on the beach.

Car and motorcycle enthusiasts came from up and down the east coast to see the vehicles, and some were even sold during the show. This was simply a well-put together event that was promoted in local papers, blogs, and other news sources.

Drive Traffic To Your Site and Your Lot with Vintage Cars

While we don’t recommend holding drag races at your dealership, this local event was proof that old cars draw a certain crowd. Here’s a simple way to make it work for your dealership.

Start by finding an event. Like I said early, just Google “vintage car shows,” “classic car shows,” or “classic car races” in your area to find plenty of events to attend.

Take it one step further by hosting your own event. Classic cars can bring customers to your lot. Showcase a few over the weekend to contrast the 1960 Challenger to the new 2013 model. Nostalgia may set in for a bit, and the 2013 model’s muscle car body and power with an advanced media center could be your next sell.

For either event, take photos and make friends. Hand out business cards so those you take pictures of can go online and check out the blog post you are going to write on the event. This may also be a good time to expand your email list.

Writing a blog post featuring the specs and pictures of a 1940 Ford pickup compared to a new 2013 Ford F-150 is both informative and intriguing. The shapes have changed drastically over the years, and the technology is so far advanced now that it is hard to imagine not having Trailer Sway Control or Electronic Locking Rear Differential. Also, the people in your photos will want to look for themselves. It may seem vain, but hey, if you have a good photo they might just use it as a profile picture.

Post these on your blog, then promote on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. This can take your traffic from online to the lot and vice versa. Do a search on each network to find the target market.

Attendees, enthusiasts, and the car owners themselves are looking for photos of the event. Wouldn’t it be nice to be that outlet?

The Race of the Gentlemen

vintage car wheel

vintage car show

vintage car show photos

Vintage Car Jersey Shore

Google’s New Vision of a Socially SEO’d Search Results

PCG has already reported on the power and importance of the Google +1 button. Needless to say Google has strongly emphasized the value of the + One button.

However, many of you still do not have a Plus 1 button on your website. You need to be relevant, recommended, and found, and the Google Plus One button will help.

Just What does Plus One do?

It shows the people in your Google network that you like a piece of content and/or trust a certain site. The recommendations influence the ranking of results for you or your extended network, causing listings to potentially be moved to page one, based on your social connections, and altering the look of results by showing an aggregated number of +1s from all people in your network.

Don’t be left out. Google is quickly moving toward Social Search, and Plus 1 is a major factor.

Why Add Plus One Button to Your Site if it Already Appears in Search?

Simple, it does not always appear. Often when a listing is conjoined with a Google Map no Plus One button will be shown. Maybe I can suggest that the Google Places team sit with the Google Plus One team and take a look.

No button in search, no ability to Plus One. So, if you don’t have one get one now. Then make certain you have a completed Google profile, get connected, and begin to Plus One.

Let me know what you discover in the world of Plus One, and your theories behind the elusive Plus One button in search.

Kristen Chiarello is a Project Manager/SEO Strategist at PCG Digital Marketing, and has been in the Marketing, SEO, SEM and Content Creation fields for many years.

Automotive Zero Moment Of Truth Study Open to 100 Dealers

About the 1st Automotive ZMOT Study

Automotive ZMOT Study

I’ve been profoundly impacted by a free book called “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth” by Jim Lecinski.  As a result of reading this book, I have created training materials, online workshops, and planning materials exclusively for car dealers on this topic.

If you never heard about ZMOT, read the free book, and then decide if you want to be part of this exciting automotive study.  Watch the videos on this website!

Before I launch our national ZMOT education campaign, I am inviting 100 dealers at no cost, to participate in the PCG six week educational program.   The program will consist of six, 1-hour webinars and follow-up conversations offline each week with each member,

The  Automotive Zero Moment of Truth study will take 100 dealers through an educational process that will guide their marketing and budgeting decisions based on the concepts shared by Jim Lecinski and the research of Google on online consumer shopping behavior.

The study members must be either a Dealer Principal, Dealership COO/CFO,  or General Manager and have the permission to share and discuss their marketing budgets with the study team at PCG Digital Marketing.

Budgets will NOT be shared with study members unless permission is granted.  If budgets are discussed, they will not disclose the member dealership name.  Privacy is key, but actual data will power the members of this study to new heights of success.

PCG Digital Marketing will NOT include dealers that are direct competitors in local markets because of the confidential data or innovative strategies that will be discussed on conference calls, webinars, and on the private forums.

Dealers will receive priority placement on a first come basis.

PCG will provide each member a set of proprietary budgeting models based on current consumer shopping models.  We have developed a series of tools that will guide dealers on restructuring their current advertising budgets.  If you want to have a powerful audit of your current spending, this is the study for you!

Dealers interested in joining this study should register at by October 1, 2011.

Dealers who are accepted to the program will be notified by email or by phone.  We reserve the right to accept/deny participation in this study based on competitive conflicts with current PCG clients or existing members of this study group.

I look forward to working with 100 dealers and creating 100 powerful marketing strategies for dealers who want to WIN the Zero Moment of Truth.


Brian Pasch CEO of PCG  

Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Digital Marketing

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