OEM Super Bowl Ads Work But Are Dealerships Ready?

By John Feeley

With Super Bowl Sunday quickly approaching, some will focus on the battle between head coaching brothers or on the finality of Ray Lewis’ Hall of Fame career. Others will focus on the commercials and advertisements, as much of a fixture for the Big Game as the coin toss.

While thinking about the potential ROI of paying a reported $4 million for a 30 second commercial, I started researching whether commercials had an effect on the search interest for brands that advertised during the game. I started with Bud Light and Doritos, two brands that advertise frequently during the Super Bowl. What I found was impressive: search interest showed major spikes in the 1-2 weeks following the game. Below are some screenshots from Google Insights to show interest over all of 2012:

Doritos1 BudLight2Shifting focus, I wanted to see how search interest for car brands was affected by airing commercials during the Super Bowl. The results are very much the same: the money is worth the investment. I did a search for FIAT and Chrysler in 2012 as well as Volkswagen in 2011, after this commercial:

Volkswagen3 Chrysler4 Fiat5

The Commercials Generate Interest But What Do Dealers Do To Maximize Opportunity?

As evidenced on these graphs, the overall interest for the brand spikes for the week after the Super Bowl so it’s important that dealerships are prepared and ready to go before, during, and after the game. Here are some tips to make sure that you maximize the opportunities and bring in users:

Coordinate efforts with your OEM: Make sure that you’re on the same page as the OEM and find out as much information as possible about the ad they will run. Information you should look for includes any specific vehicle they plan on featuring, any graphics or designs they plan on using, anything social media related they plan on using in the commercial (hashtags, Twitter handles, contests, etc.), and when the ad will be run during the game.

Get your ducks in a row: Once you find out the details from the OEM, you can move forward with executing your strategy. If you do paid search, make sure remarketing banners are approved by Google BEFORE the game so that they can be timed to run right after the commercial airs.

Furthermore, begin to target relevant paid ads based on the commercial airing during the game. There will be a lot of search interest for the OEM brand name so it’s important to capitalize on this in your market. Also, create a custom landing page and/or information on your website that’s relevant to the ad running during the game.

Finally, be ready on social media. Utilize Twitter search to monitor the hashtag the OEM is using. Try to engage with users who are tweeting about your brand(s) during the game and try to build a potential relationship/lead. You can also create a custom and local hashtag based on what the OEM will use during the commercial and promote it. Engage on Facebook with information about the ad and how you plan on relating it to your dealership, whether it’s through a sale or highlighting the model they use in the ad.

With the game quickly approaching, is your dealership ready?

Amex Offers Triple Points on Facebook PPC Charges

If you are collecting American Express points for your summer vacation and already advertise on Facebook, you might as well get 3X the points until April 22, 2012.

Today I received an email from Amex outlining the Facebook 3x Advertising promotion which you can read below or visit their website page.

Many dealers are testing Facebook advertising so if you have been having success with Facebook, take a minute to share your results with the DrivingSales Community.


Brian Pasch CEO of PCG


Brian Pasch, CEO
PCG Digital Marketing
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Automotive Zero Moment Of Truth Study Open to 100 Dealers

About the 1st Automotive ZMOT Study

Automotive ZMOT Study

I’ve been profoundly impacted by a free book called “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth” by Jim Lecinski.  As a result of reading this book, I have created training materials, online workshops, and planning materials exclusively for car dealers on this topic.

If you never heard about ZMOT, read the free book, and then decide if you want to be part of this exciting automotive study.  Watch the videos on this website!

Before I launch our national ZMOT education campaign, I am inviting 100 dealers at no cost, to participate in the PCG six week educational program.   The program will consist of six, 1-hour webinars and follow-up conversations offline each week with each member,

The  Automotive Zero Moment of Truth study will take 100 dealers through an educational process that will guide their marketing and budgeting decisions based on the concepts shared by Jim Lecinski and the research of Google on online consumer shopping behavior.

The study members must be either a Dealer Principal, Dealership COO/CFO,  or General Manager and have the permission to share and discuss their marketing budgets with the study team at PCG Digital Marketing.

Budgets will NOT be shared with study members unless permission is granted.  If budgets are discussed, they will not disclose the member dealership name.  Privacy is key, but actual data will power the members of this study to new heights of success.

PCG Digital Marketing will NOT include dealers that are direct competitors in local markets because of the confidential data or innovative strategies that will be discussed on conference calls, webinars, and on the private forums.

Dealers will receive priority placement on a first come basis.

PCG will provide each member a set of proprietary budgeting models based on current consumer shopping models.  We have developed a series of tools that will guide dealers on restructuring their current advertising budgets.  If you want to have a powerful audit of your current spending, this is the study for you!

Dealers interested in joining this study should register at by October 1, 2011.

Dealers who are accepted to the program will be notified by email or by phone.  We reserve the right to accept/deny participation in this study based on competitive conflicts with current PCG clients or existing members of this study group.

I look forward to working with 100 dealers and creating 100 powerful marketing strategies for dealers who want to WIN the Zero Moment of Truth.


Brian Pasch CEO of PCG  

Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Digital Marketing

Text PCGedu to 75674 get information on our upcoming conferences


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