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Tweet and Conquer

By Brittany Richter

We’ve been hearing an awful lot of buzz around conquest strategies within the automotive digital marketing industry lately. And it’s no wonder, considering Google’s ThinkAuto research reported that only 20% of purchasers started their research with the brand they ended up buying. Paid search, display advertising, blog content, video walk arounds, but what about social media?

To help use your blog and video conquest content to its full potential, share it on Twitter- using hashtags. Yes, I hashtagssaid hashtags – known by some as that scary seven-letter h-word.

Twitter is a news source, an information hub, a knowledge-sharing platform. It is a social platform that has the ability to help you generate qualified website traffic and target people in your market looking for your products and services. You can use your blog and YouTube links and share them to get them in front of shoppers in your PMA who are looking for your brand AND your brands’ competitors. Yes, people do research on Twitter.

When deciding on a car, it is likely that people are doing research on Twitter to find information about what they’re looking for and to see what people have to say about it. So being there to share positive thoughts and helpful information about your brands, models and dealership is essential.

In 2011 it was reported that 3,000 tweets were tweeted per second. There’s a lot of noise on Twitter, so you need something in your tweets that will help you stand out, and stand out to those who you want to pay attention (hint: potential customers). This is where hashtags come in. They help you classify your tweets, tag them, if you will. The concept is similar to SEO in that you want to use keywords that people are using. Rather than using what users are typing in to search engines, use keywords that people are using on Twitter. When it comes to conquest, the brands, models, and your location or nearby metros are your keywords.

Here’s How To Make It Happen:

  • Create a strategy: Use Twitter’s advanced search to search within a reasonable radius from your location to see what people are saying about your brand(s), model(s) and your competitors. Pick a few that are generating buzz. Add your location or nearby metros. This is your “hashtag strategy.”
  • Create conquest content about these makes and models on your blog, videos on YouTube, all of the above. For example, write blog posts or film short videos comparing your latest models to their other-brand counterparts. Compare latest features, MPG and price points. This is your conquest content.
  • Share this content on Twitter with a link back to your website, or a link to your YouTube channel (make sure your video descriptions are optimized and start with a link back to your website).
  • Include a hashtag or two in your tweet to help draw attention to your account and your content.

Twitter is an information hub, and for some of its 140 million members, it is a primary source during their ZMOT research. Take advantage of people who are researching their purchase by targeting not just your own brands, but similar competitor brands.

If your audience is on Twitter, show them that you’re there too by using hashtags for them to find you.