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PCG Team Members To Teach During 2012 AIP

The Automotive Internet Program (AIP) has undergone changes to make this semester the best yet. In addition to a new class structure and course topics, many new speakers will be presenting throughout the semester. PCG Digital Marketing is proud to have many team members on the AIP teachers’ roster for the upcoming semester.

The team at our automotive SEO company possess in-depth knowledge in their field and are considered to be leaders in the automotive industry. Always ahead of the curve, the team at PCG offers insider tips and strategies for dealerships to maximize their digital marketing tactics to increase their online presence.

First Class Educators has revamped the course work for this semester to make it the best yet. The new curriculum features a shorter schedule (10 weeks instead of 12) and will focus on topics that have yet to be talked about in past AIPs. Even though the length of the course is shorter, the value is greater than ever since each class focuses on specific topics and offers the best strategies.

PCG Digital Marketing Team To Instruct Fall 2012 AIP

Brian Pasch, Christine Rochelle, Glenn Pasch, Brittany Richter, Steve Murphy and Matt O’Such are all familiar names that are well established in the automotive industry. Their faces have been seen at some of the best conferences in the nation for car dealers, such as AutoCon, Digital Marketing Strategies Conference and Automotive Boot Camp. These former AIP speakers will be back to lead classes during this semester.

Students can look forward to hearing the voices of new speakers in addition to the familiar faces. Jamie Paton, Wes Germain, John Fraze, Nicole Chasan, Andrew Schmitt, Lisa Salabritas, Mandy Saffer, Danielle Carbone, Dmitriy Gamaranik, Ben Jones and Sean Firing, all team members from our automotive SEO company, will all be leading classes during this semester’s AIP.

Starting November 7, 2012 and running through January 2013, the AIP will be streamed via live webinars on Wednesdays at 1pm EST. The price for this important 10-week program is just $495 and it is ideal for dealership employees at any level. No matter if it is a new employee or GM, this course is guaranteed to be useful and effective.

Sign up today through First Class Educators and get ready for a great semester! For more information, visit or email Patricia Ricco at