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Dominion Wins PCG Spotlight Award For Be Back Mobile App

The 2012 NADA Convention exhibitor hall was very active this year making the selection of the PCG SpotLight Award winners even more challenging.

This year five companies that attended the 2012 NADA Convention were selected by PCG as having outstanding products that will benefit the dealer community.

Dominion Be Back App

We are proud to announce that Dominion Dealer Solutions has won a 2012 PCG Spotlight Award for their new Be Back Mobile App.

Dealers looking to engage with smartphone users are advised to jumpstart their research on customized automotive mobile applications.

Dealers looking to increase retention post sale, which Google refers to as the Second Moment of Truth (SMOT),  will find this new Dominion mobile app a perfect opportunity to increase brand loyalty and bi-directional  communication with owners.

Dealers who ignore mobile users do so at their own peril.  Google Analytics for thousands of dealers across the United States and Canada are showing significant increases in visitor traffic from smartphone.

Summary Of Be Back App Features

Glen Garvin, Group General Manager at Dominion Dealer Solutions,  demonstrated the Be Back app at the NADA Convention and here is a summary of the benefits from this powerful dealer branded mobile application:

  • Customer can book service appointment without having to call or e-mail
  • Customer can enter their loan/lease information once and they will always know approximately how much above or below equity they are in the vehicle.
  • Local gas station finder
  • Ability to push specials to the customer’s phone especially when they have underutilized service bays
  • Social media “easy find” buttons and interactions
  • Ability to keep multiple cars in the App
  • The “glove box” concept where all of  vehicle information (VIN#, insurance policy, etc) is stored in app.
  • Service history and recommended service interval reminders.
  • Completely 100% white labeled for dealership – building the dealer’s brand and loyalty


Dealers Focus on Mobile

The 2012 NADA Convention had a significant increase in vendors offering mobile solutions.  This increase parallels the exponential rise in mobile visitors to dealership websites and the adoption of smart phones by the American public.

Dealers looking to engage consumers who choose to use their mobile device as the primary source of communications will be best served by getting a demonstration on the Dominion Be Back mobile app.

For more information on this product, download the PDF Brochure or visit

Brian Pasch CEO of PCG

Brian Pasch, CEO

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