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10th Digital Dealer Conference

The dates for the 10th Digital Dealer Conference in April 19-21, 2010 and is scheduled in Orlando Florida. You can register for the 10th Digital Dealer Conference at:

The event will be well attended this year and we encourage you to attend.  The 10th Digital Dealer Conference is not affiliated with the 2nd Annual Automotive Marketing Boot Camp.

Digital Dealer Marketing Education

We strongly encourage dealers to make a line item budget investment for digital marketing education.  That budget should include sending employees to local, regional, and national conferences.

Every quarter new technology and marketing strategies are being created. Keep up with the latest opportunities for car dealers you need to attend.  It is vital that at least one member of the organization attend the three top three conferences of the year.

PCG Conferences will ensure that you stay tuned with the latest success stories from your peers. That fact alone is reason why car dealers should ensure that they are sending key employees to these conferences. The data and collaboration from the events will present a return on investment over 10x in the next year.

2010 Automotive Website Award Winners

Are you in the market for a new car dealer website platform?  If you would like to see the winners of the 2010 Automotive Website Awards (AWA), visit: and you can download the free 160 page AWA Whitepaper.  If you just want a summary of the award winners, here they are:

Technology Winners

The awards for Website Technology recognize companies that have introduced into the marketplace products and strategies that are positively impacting dealers’ success online.

  • – Total Control Dominator (Best Automotive Advertising Tool)
  • TK Carsites – Power of Five (Best Search Marketing Strategy)
  • VinSolutions (Best Integrated Website Platform)

Design Winners

The awards for Website Design recognize best of class design solutions for car dealer websites, OEM websites and independent shopping websites.

Search Marketing Winners

The three categories of the Search Marketing include recognizing Pinnacle Platforms, Peak Performance and Phoenix Award winners.

Phoenix Awards

  • BZ Results
  • Dealerskins
  • Reynolds Web Solutions

Peak Performance

  • XIGroup
  • ClickMotive
  • DealerTrend
  • MJMI
  • DealerHD

Pinnacle Platform (Highest Recognition)

  • VinSolutions
  • Dealer Fire
  • TK Carsites
  • Dealer eProcess

For a full description of each of these Search Marketing award categories, download the 2010 AWA Whitepaper found at