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2009 ASMA Awards Presentation Set

2009-asma-awardThe 2009 ASMA awards will be presented to nine automotive website vendorson Sunday November 1st at 4:30 pm at the PCG Digital Marketing booth at the 7th Digital Dealer Conference in Nashville.

The ASMA study reviewed 34 automotive website platform vendors and will recognize nine companies with an award this year.

The ASMA study conducted by the PCG Digital Marketing which has over 33 pages of research and analysis will be a great tool to help educate car dealers on important elements of a car dealer website that impacts their search marketing success.

The report will also be a valuable tool to help guide dealers on future purchasing decisions for website platforms.

The report can be ordered from the PCG Digital Marketing by contacting Carrie Valentine at PCG by emailing her at  or by calling 732-450-8200.