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Car Dealers Take Advantage of Step Pricing Power

Car Dealer MarketingIn the past few weeks I have been noticing that some of our strongest automotive clients are taking full advantage of step pricing plans to buy up large lots of popular cars from their manufacturers.

The strategy seems to lock in thousands of dollars of dealer discounts that other competing dealers can’t match because they purchase in smaller quantities.

2009 Infiniti G37 Sedans

The 2009 Infiniti G37 Sedan is a very popular car and in 2009 this replaced the award winning G35 Sedan. This week we got the green light to promote Infiniti of Norword’s special allocation of G37 Sedans.

The dealership purchased over 150 Infiniti G37 sedans which gives them pricing power over most dealers in the greater Boston area.  Aside from pricing power, Infiniti of Norwood may well have have the largest selection of 2009 G37 Sedans in New England.

I love dealers who can take advantage of market pricing opportunities to deliver great deals for consumers looking for new cars at competitive prices. In this economy only the strong will survive and that includes being strong enough to take some risks.  View 2009 G37 Inventory

2009 Ford F-150 Trucks

Infiniti of Norwood is not the only strong market player.  Preston Ford in Maryland has stocked up America’s #1 truck for the past 32 years. David Wilson, President of Preston Motors is counting on attracting Ford truck buyers from Delaware, Maryland and Virginia with amazing Ford F-150 truck prices.

Preston Fordtook advantage of special Ford pricing and purchased over 150 Ford F-150 trucks and has started a special promotion.  Since the Ford F-Series has been the 31 truck for the past 32 years, Preston Ford is offering a large selection of F-150’s for only $32 over dealer invoice price. 

To see the all the Ford F-Series trucks in stock visit: 

Automotive Marketing in a Recession

These two examples show that car dealers who want to survive need to throw away their bunker mentality and get out and sell cars.  Today, price is so important so taking advantage of step pricing is one way to go.  Now critics may say that they are crazy to take such a large position in any one model.  Time will tell who is right.

Best Wishes to Infiniti of Norwood and Preston Ford