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Auto Dealer Google Adwords Management

If you are not satisfied with how your automotive Google Adwords campaign is being managed, it is well worth your time to give us a call.  We do not markup or hide Google Adwords costs.  All bids and costs are placed in an account that you own and we manage.  Your corporate credit card gets billed each month for your budget so you know exactly how much is being spent.  We only bill you for the time we spend each month adjusting or editing your ads and landing pages.

Other companies charge a monthly fee which includes Adwords costs and management fees.  The line between fees and Adwords costs are often blurred. It has been our experience that a one price fits all Adwords strategy has too many inefficiencies to be the best solution for an auto dealer.

As part of our Google, Yahoo, and MSN advertising campaign management we include our expertise on creating effective landing pages for each ad.  We prefer that each car model specific ad be directed to its own unique landing page.  The landing page should make it easy for the consumer to understand the current offer on the car and then request a call or email quote.  An effective landing page design can make all the difference in a PPC campaign for car dealers.

Some dealer website platforms do not allow for unlimited pages to be created.  On other platforms, teh complexity of the landing pages are limited.  In both cases, PCG has a solution that can optimize your Adwords campaigns.  We can create optimized microsites which can include dealer editable pages with no limitations to the creativity you need included on the landing page.

These automotive SEO and SEM solutions are part of the unique set of services we offer car dealers.  If you want the very best automotive SEO specialists handling your Internet marketing campaigns, you should give us a call.  732-450-8200